Prince Frequency stands for expertise,
experience and extra-stellar quality in
songwriting, recording, mixdown and
full-scale music-production.
As Tom Jones so smoothly sang:
‚You gotta do it in style. . and in rhythm!‘
selected work


Farewell Dear Ghost || We Were Wild Once || Mixing

sawoff shotgun || boom lo pise || recording, producing, mixing

tom jones || in style and rhythm || writing|producing

track: in style and rhythm

polkov || ho un gatto || mixing

polkov || kamaro’s song || mixing

the quiet now! || ticket to nowhere || writing|producing|mixing

sawoff shotgun||plus one||writing|mixing|producing

farewell dear ghost || we colour the night||writing|mixing|producing

helgi jonsson||for the rest of my childhood||writing

valerie||comme ça||writing|producing|mixing

the quiet now!||rub it in||writing|producing|mixing

sawoff shotgun||veto veto||writing|mixing|producing

pumali panthers||writing|producing|mixing

monk || the man who sleeps on his breath || writing | mixing | production

sawoff shotgun | for our sanity

writing | mixing | producing

helgi jonsson || gloandi || writing|producing|mixing

helgi jonsson || gloandi || writing|producing|mixing

sawoff shotgun || never mind the botox || writing | mixing | production

monk || jeux de nuits || writing|producing|mixing


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